Our services


Automation Consultant

  • Site survey and measuring the Automation System, Competency and Automation Level at factory
  • Provide the report and consultant project to increase your productivity via automation and IoT
  • Conduct the Training on Zenon SCADA and Rexroth Motion Control

SCADA Engineering

  • Design, engineering and commissioning SCADA the process for Steel Plants, and Beverage Plants and Energy
  • Provide the SCADA integration solution to IoT or Cloud platform

Motion Engineering

  • Upgraded the Motion Control and Servo Drives for machines
  • Design, engineering and commissioning the motion control solution
  • Provide the local services for integration and commissioning for European OEMs

Automation Consultant

Help leader manage the Automation System at factory.

The machine and system at manufacturing floor normally the corner stone at any manufacturing company. But limited of company can master of all system, and need to be based on the oversee OEM and Machine Builder.

Unfortunately, it could be the cause for many issues with your system and machine such: Downtime, cost for service. Megatech Saigon can be your resource to solve it. We enable customer to be the real master of machine and system.

Enable 10+ Clients to master there Automation System

Supported 10+client to be proactive in managing the Automation System at their factory

10+ SCADA for steel plants, and 12+ HMI for beer plants

SCADA zenon can connect 300+ PLCs and DCSs.

SCADA Engineering

From Steel Plants to Beer Plants

SCADA of Steel plants is crucial for operation. Its architect includes of Server, backup server and clients. The Servers will be connected directly to PLCs, DCSs. We did the SCADA for Steel plants with Wonderware Intouch, Wonderware Archestra, WinCC and Zenon. We prefer Zenon to offer for our clients as its open and support 300+ driver PLCs

HMI for beer plants with HMI Zenon are popular. We provided many service to upgrade to new version of Zenon, add some functions to the existing and Integrate Zenon to customer IoT and Cloud Platform.

Motion Engineering

Many factories and OEMs selected us for Motion Engineering.

Motion Control and Servo Drive are more and more used in Factory. From Printing and Converting Machine to CNC, from woodworking to plastic Machine, from Packaging to Assembly, the motion controls, servo drives and servo motors are installed to control all motions of machine.

Mainly customers based solely on OEMs for machine service, especially motion and servo system. Megatech supports customer as a value-fit alternative local providers. And in parallel, we are local partner for OEM in term of servicing.

100+ Servo Drives and Servo Motor Sold

Engineered innovative machinery for 8+ diverse industries



Based on our real experience and expertise, Megatech focused on SCADA products and Motion Servo Driver and Servo Motor Products.